AR is starting to move out of the WOW period, into the phase of making life easier tools

AR is starting to move out of its WOW period, into a phase of making life easier

Over the past few months, we’ve been covering a lot of interesting implementations in whichóThe new technology for augmented reality (AR). We have shown that AR sells, róIt is also available on social media, not only in apps, but also on Messenger and in browsers. Further implementations show what is the practical dimension of augmented reality.

Dutch airline KLM, flying róalso in Poland, have released an update to their app, whichór will help you check whether your luggage, whichóWe want to take it on a tripór, meets the size limits. A new feature displays a virtual suitcase, whichóThe new function displays a virtual suitcase, which is an important element of the service itselfój real luggage to see if it will fit into a blue KLM suitcase.

Adding a practical AR application to the app is probably aimed at increasing traffic. KLM App allows róAlso to book a seat on a plane or store an e-ticket.

Moments after the Dutch airline, a similar service appeared in the Kayak app – used to find cheap flightsóin, hotels and carsów. Functionality itself works a little differently than the Dutchów. First you have to calibrate the app to determine the actual scale of the image. Then you have to move your phone around your luggage to determine its actual size.

Kayak app has the advantage of allowing you to check the limitów baggage size róThe problems of the augmented reality publisher market.

KLM went further, however, and took advantage of a new feature introduced this year by Facebook – for now for selected brands, i.e. AR support in Messenger application. As of last week, the same virtual suitcase as in the app., is available in Messenger, so access to the functionality is even easier.

KLM is not the first airline thatóThis phenomenon is taking place over the next few years

Air New Zealand, promoting its new Chicago route – Auckland, used augmented reality to show residents of the Windy City what interesting things to see in New Zealand and Australia.

No wayób also fail to note the practical similarity of KLM’s solution, to the AR measure that appeared to all lucky iPhone owners’and with iOS 12. It’s cool that augmented reality is starting to move out of its WOW period, into a phase of really practical and life-enhancing tools.

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