Adblock has uncovered problems in the publisher market. Not just mobile

Adblock has exposed the problems of the publishing marketów. Not only on mobile devices

CtóYou would never guess that the release of the new version of iOS 9 will spark so many discussions about the legitimacy of advertising on mobile devices? The topic of AdBlock and its popularity should be treated in multiple ways, but don’t forget the dwóch headóof the players: the publisher and the user.

For a statistical user AdBlock is nothing new – part osób uses it on desktops and some on Android. Now such an option has appeared on iOS and time will tell if it was a good decision.

It is worth focusing on the problem, whichór is more noticeable. Publishers should think deeply about the model of monetizing advertising on mobile, so as not to irritate the user. An important element is the very structure of the service – It should be lightweight, user-friendly and not „attack” The integration of the data from the bank’s website with the ATM management system. This is not difficult to do – The key is to stick to a few, basic principles: quality over quantity of ads; capping of large ad forms; page load speed (should you always invest in RWD sites).

Publishers often forget that their user is on the move and not friendly to a site thatóThe first one weighs 15 MB and takes several dozen or several dozen seconds to load. The question of making money from advertising should not overshadow the pleasure of using the service. Such effect can be achieved by using capping or strict targeting of ads. Knowledge and a message tailored to the user will allow to avoid a high level of irritation. Publisher should prioritize quality over quantity.

AdBlocks also have disadvantages. Recently, one of the developers of theórcóHe admitted that the reasonórego withdrew hisój product was that it does not want to stand between users and publishers. Publishersóa lot of work ahead. They need to make one thing clear to internet users – inherent in free content is that advertising through this very publisher can create valuable content.

It is worth emphasizing that mobile advertising is not only a mobile web, but also applications in which the camera function isóHe was looking for a universal programming solution for his product, which AdBlocks don’t do so well.

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