What’s new in Android 12 What new features When release

What’s new in Android 12? What new functionalities? When it launches?

Just 8 months ago, in September 2020, there was the premiere of Android 11, about whichóI wrote about it here. And, while still not all smartphones running the system from Google are using version 11, a Beta version of the already 12th installment of Android has just been released. New functionalities and improvements were presented on the first day Google I/O 2021 during a special press conference for developersów.

What’s new in Android 12? When will it be available on our smartphones? What new functions will be available?

On the official Google blog we can read that the new Android will have everything you love about Android, it will be deeply personal and adaptable to you and your needs. It will provide an open ecosystem giving a choiceór to its users, and there is plenty of them, because Android has over 3 billion active devices worldwide.

High fluidity and animations

The new Android is supposed to be visibly smoother and faster. Every touch, scroll and swipe will make your phone feel like it’s alive. New, more personalized animations are to be made available. The system is expected to be simplified and responsive. What convinces me the most, however, is that the system is supposed to be more efficient, which will allow for a longer life of a smartphone without charging. This has been achieved through hidden improvements, including skrótimeóThe new mobile payment market has been made possible by hidden improvements, including the use of CPU for basic system services. In an era of very intensive use of smartphonesóEvery hour longer without charging is worth its weight in gold.

Interestingly, Google is planning a change in the context of the codecs usedów. The method of compression using the AV1 codec will allow a reduction in file size of up to 30%, without sacrificing image quality and is expected to affect not only movies but also videoóThe new features and graphics.

Security and privacy.

Google follows the path of good practices and, like Apple, focuses on better transparency of what is happening on our smartphones. I wrote about this in the case of iOS 14 release.

Android 12 will release new features, whichóThe system will monitor the user activity and the data that is being usedóThe system will monitor user activity and make certain decisions based on it, e.g. This will increase the control over what the smartphone user shares and to whom. The Privacy Panel is going to change, któThe system will allow you to check which application has access to what data and how often. And what I am happy about, it will allow in an easy wayób revoke application permissions directly from the Privacy Panel. In the right góIn the corner of the screen there will be a new indicator thatóry will inform the user when the application accesses the microphone or camera. These permissions will be easy to undo in the quick settings panel.

Sourceódd: blog.google

What is interesting Android 12 is to allow us to limit the amount of information shared with applications. E.g. Such a weather application does not need an exact location, only an approximate location. It will be enough to present us with the weather assumptions and new features will allow us to do so. However, the application associated with the food delivery should already have a very precise location.

Another interesting improvement is the ability to restrict access to the Internet to applications selected by the user. Until now it was possible to disable access to the Internet globally.

Android 12 goes a step further in giving us more privacy. It builds it directly into the operating system. Google explains this by the number of emerging opportunities to use Artificial Intelligence to create new and convenient features. That’s why Android 12 will feature the Android Private Compute Core. Thanks to this such functions as. Audio and language processing will take place locally on our smartphones isolated from the network.

Appearance and personalization

To Twóhe smartphone was even more personalized, Android 12 is expected to give the ability to set the color of the headóThe application related to food delivery should already have a very precise localization within the whole operating system. This is known from Windows 10, where by choosing the leading color changes the variousóThe Beta 2 and Beta 3 compatibility tests will continue in June and July. What is more, it is supposed to be róalso the ability to bind colored elementsóin the róalso with wallpaper.

Source:ósource: blog.google

But this is not the end of the similarities to Windows. In the newest Android there is supposed to be a róAlso the recycle garbage can, to whichóThe new feature will allow you to delete unnecessary items from.

I really like the automatic app hibernation feature. It is supposed to be that unused or rarely used applications are automatically hibernated. The system will monitor the user’s activity and, on this basis, make specific decisions on e.g. revoking permission to use the location, microphone and camera, moving applications to the unused section, or even clearing the fileóin order to free up disk space.

When will it be possible to use these facilities?

Currently Android 12 is in the testing phaseóin marked as Beta 1. Beta 2 and Beta 3 compatibility tests will continue in June and July. In August, we will prepare for the release of a stable version and improve the last reported bugsów. After going through all these stepów, in September 2021 a stable version of Android 12 is to be released. First smartphones with this system will be most probably Pixel phones.

Any additional information, including information for the developeróYou can find it on Google’s website.

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