Analysis of event applications available on the market

Analysis of available event applications on the market

The vacations are over and event season is approaching again. Today, a good event cannot do without a mobile application. The application makes it so that we do not have to print the materialóin conference rooms – we get everything we need in a digital form in a smartphone version.

A mobile application at an event is useful in many waysóThe screen has been replaced by something that can be used on many different levels. From as basic as event information, speaker listów, location of the event. Through extensive features such as online networking, live voting, coupon distributionóin and materialóin conferences, trade fair plans, or advanced sponsorship features.

On our market, we have several versionsóThe Meeting Application contains all the necessary functionalities useful in organizing a good event. Below are the four most interesting ones.

Meeting Application

Meeting Application wyróIt is distinguished by the large number of features included in the application. The basic license includes: agenda, calendar, speaker profilesów, feedwall, i.e. news (it is possible to connect the application with Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook). Other price plans also include 1:1 chat, push notifications, surveys, including social media surveys. There is also an interesting option of combining the application with a photobooth.

The application is available for Android and iOS. Extended version of Meeting Application costs 5299 PLN and provides functions from basic package and access to sections: sponsors, media, maps, event resources, business matching, i.e. initiating contactóThe application can be connected to beacons, gamification functions and the possibility of using the application with beacons.

Event applications are usually delivered in a version for a single event, and this is the case with Meeting Application. At the same time, it should be noted that this „application within an application” – users first download Meeting Application and then select their event. Dedicated version is available in more expensive price option.

Visent Events

The second event combo in terms of the number of functions is Visent Events. In the basic license we get: application for iOS, Android (including, of course, CMS to edit application data). What is important and definitely worth emphasizing, we get individual branding already from the most basic version.

In the poróIn comparison to the competition, the basic version of the application is available in Polish, English, and optionally in both languages. License also provides access to agenda, notifications, speaker profilesów, access information, article feedów and news, to maps and planóIn the application you will find a QR code of the place to each point on the map with the possibility of adding your own interactive pointsów). Basic version also includes access to external linksóin the menu (the so-called external resources), as well as a FAQ tab or a graphic manual.

The higher priced versions have the following functionalities: networking (chats, contact invitations, participant lists, etc.), and conference meetingsó), banners in the application (e.g. for a sponsor or exhibitor), surveys, notes in the application (including for each page of an attached presentation), as well as materials for downloading.

The basic license includes: agenda, calendar, speaker profilesóIn terms of functions, Visent Events offers more than Meeting Application. Visent Events basic version is also cheaper and available from PLN 3299. Meeting Application in the cfóA comparable license is available for 3499 PLN.

Event applications are also licensed for a limited time. Visent Events provides a license for three months. MKonference is distinguished by the fact that it offers an additional option of a yearly subscriptionóra is available in a separate package.


To zaróBoth the mobile application and the website with the róThe license provides access to a wide range of information about the conference. TwóThe author of the application is Mobile Madness Software House from Rzeszów.

As far as the range of functions is concerned, in the application you will find all the necessary information about the event, namely information about the conference, its programme, information on the speakers, etców, news, reports, notifications, surveys.

MKonference stands out from the crowdóThe MK Conference is distinguished by the fact thatóThe native application also has a web page option. However, native applications have the advantage over websites, that they support e.g. push notifications and most of all have a better User Experience than desktop sites. Apps simply run more efficiently and smoothly, hence customers often forgo desktop features and build an event app directly for iOS and Android.

MKonference has a ticketing feature in its favorówith the possibility of online and offline payment.

In terms of price range – The basic package costs £1,600, the medium package costs £2,000 and the full package costs £3,000. For the ticket sales panelów is an additional fee and starts at £600. However, it is worth notingóThe quality of this application should be considered before making a purchase.

Eventory app is also strong in the event app market. WyróIt is characterized by a clear and transparent layout, it is prepared for two platforms – iOS and Android, and there is also a possibility to build a desktop version of the event.

What it róThe Polish market, in light of what is happening on the Ocean, still has a lot of catching up to doóThe difference with MKonference is that it’s a free version of the desktop website for private, non-commercial academic use. If you organize a small event without a partneróand sponsoróThe new Android is going to be visibly smoother and faster and no analysis or developer support is required, you can use the free version.

In Eventory, however, you will not find such a range of functions, as in the case of the competition.

In summary

When organizing an event, do not count on providing information about it at no cost.

In the ranking of applications wyróVisent Events. Winning zaróboth in terms of the number of features and the price of the basic version. WyróWhat’s new in the mobile payments marketóBoth for iOS and Android with custom branding from the basic version for a better UX experience, including additional options linked to the native smartphone features.

Individual branding of the application is also quite important from the point of view of marketing the event itself, and users will be able to find such an application in App Store or Google Play much more efficiently.

Eventory’s website is not able to provide as much functionality as a native application (nor in such quality). On the other hand, a user using the application is worth more than the one using a browser, because we get more information about him and have better contact with him.

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