What to think about when asking this question Cz 3

App or mobile website? What to think when asking this question? Cz. 3

First – a mobile access is supposed to support your brand’s business goals and processes – then determine what specific – finding your product or store? Paying? Source:ódt of a new userów for business?

How and when the customer pays for Twój goods or services – the most basic thing? Whether it’s paying online with your phone or in real life at the checkout? If paying online, sometimes the payment provider’s service works to redirect the browser back to the store’s website after they have made – it means that it is easier to achieve this goal using a mobile website than an application.

If you are providing a service based on SMS premium micropayments, then in principle it is róIt will be easy to support both the mobile website and the application.

The second issue, whichówhich I wroteóThe first part of this. Frequency and expected amount of returnów – or interacting with a brand through mobile. Clearly, everyone is quietly thinking about the millions of usersów. So cool – what is the expected, probable number of interactions with the service from returning usersów? If it’s a tool-typical interaction or one that requires a user account, it will probably be a few per day to a few hundred per month. Then the application will be justified. What if the expected number of interactions is not inherently large or frequent, e.g.: flight reservationsów here to search for a winter tire service… At this point, another question arises – in what wayób Mobile users first interact with your offer? Whether they find it in a search engine, in ATL, in a newspaper or on posters?

In the aforementioned case of a tire service, it’s highly likely that a user will reach it from their favorite search engine. They are unlikely to find applications there. If user streamóin coming from a search engine is business relevant, then have a convenient landing pad for them in the form of a mobile website. Simply. Allowól find them. And if they become frequent users or register? Then offer them a link on the mobile site to a tool store with an app thatóWhat if they become frequent users or registrants?óew services.

Printouts and flyers on our doormats, yes I know, you don’t like them either, but we still find them at our doors. For some reason, pizza chains and taxi companies are leading the wayómy neighbourhood’s football. And to continue the example – Whether the aforementioned pizza chain might need a mobile site? Most people order pizza on their phone usually from a specific pizzeria, whichóThe number of downloads is not countedóra fast deliveries. MóIn other words, they have already developed a certain loyalty to this particular chain of pizzerias, not looking for a different one each time. Analyzing such a case I would rather advise to skip the mobile site and go straight to building a pizza ordering application, provided of course that the stream of new usersón all visitors to the website of this pizzeria with a phoneóin an insignificant.

What if your business is getting referral traffic from social networks?ólionally significant? In the next part I will try to suggest what solutions can helpóto properly use it.

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