Android Wear 2. 0 What you need now, and what you will need in the near future

Android Wear 2.0: What you need to have already, and what you will need to have in the near future?

Someówho believe that the smartwatch market is in its infancyóThe AR market is not very promising, or even dying. Nothing could be further from the truth. Before the release of Android Wear 2.0 móIt’s fast, pretty and usable tooóThe number of loyalty cards collected on the phone has increased by 72%ór watchóIt is more than twice as big as it was before the release of this system. Therefore, it is worth knowing the necessary applications for smartwatches, as well as what will gain in popularity zaróThe number of applications on the phone has increased by 72%óuseróThe smartwatch is a smartwatch that is both in and twórcóThe software. Below you will find 9 must have applications and 2 trends on the market, whichóre gaining popularity every day.

The most useful apps on Android Wear 2.0

A smartwatch is a product thatóhe biggest limitation is the size of the screen. Because of this, many apps struggle to accommodate – someósome of them will never be right for the smart watch marketów due to its complexity. Additionally, the small display means that you can’t play very complex games on it, but that’s what we have other devices for. Despite these limitations, resulting from the assumptions of the system, you can not complain about the lack of applications in the Play store. It’s not just the huge ones with millions of usersów apps have their own versions on watches, but also lesser-known brands próThey are trying to break into the, quite a large, watch marketów. Here are 9 applications thatóre worth knowing:


One of the most popular messengeróin the world. Watch version lets you make voice calls, dictate messages and even write messages! For osób, whichóThe use of Google Hangouts is definitely a must have.


The most popular in paid music streaming and increasingly important in the music market Swedish company Spotify is of course available on Android Wear. Choosing what music we want to listen to now is easy. On our watch screen, just swipe to change the song you are listening to. We can add songs to playlists, search libraries. Thanks to its simple operation it is very useful during sport activities.

Google Maps

The titan from Mountain View, as a developer of Android Wear system has a lot to say about how an application for watches should work. Google Maps shows how such a program should function – is fast, pretty and also useful. The application will lead us wherever we want, exactly as in the smartphone version. Convenient for those whoówho use a means of transportation other than a caród.


You can also play games, although it is not a priority in this device. But when you have a moment, it is worth turning on ChronoSpin. It is a simple game thatóThe game is all about avoiding the kóThe watch can be used by touching the watch. Addictive, fun, just right for a few minutes of gameplay.


Shopping is an integral and important part of our lives. Listonic is a Polish application, whichóra tries to make it easier and more organized. Thanks to a recent update on Android Wear 2.0, shopping lists we have on our watch. This is extremely useful when we need a hand to guide us inóThe Google Hangouts app is a must have – then the lack of need to pull out the phone helps a lot.

Wear Store for Wear Apps

Many osób complains about the performance of Google Play on watches. When looking for an alternative, Wear Store is the most recommended. It has a cleaner layout, allows you to manage apps on your phone, and looks decidedly better.


A treat for fansóin collecting loyalty cards. After installing the application, it removes the obligation of carrying various plastic cards. saves barcodes of loyalty cards, so that in a store, you just need to show the store assistant youróYou can choose a watch by selecting the appropriate card from our database.

Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder

As the name suggests, this application reminds us when it is time to take a medicineów. But it can also be used byótional people whoóre regularly taking substances, such as gym supplements. Simple and user-friendly, it additionally shows the trend of developing the medical category whoóra will definitely have an increasing percentage share in the overall smartwatch market.


One of the most interesting items in this list. App, whichóra allows us to configure dependencies, for example: when our phone reaches 10% battery, a notification will appear on the watch. The possibilities are vast: uploading photos to dropbox automatically when taken, rain alerts, match resultsów. There is a lot to choose from.

Trends in Android Wear 2.0

The market is changing. As technology evolves, we can afford to do more in this industry. The same is true for smart watchesów. Standalone apps – This term refers to applications, whoóthey don’t need a phone to be fully functional. The first fouróhe top of the list are such applications. Additionally, Listonic announces that it will soon introduce this option to its offer. Google is promoting this feature as important to ogólnternal evaluation and promotion. And I fully support that – makes life easier. We are not dependent on carrying a phone all the time and have more peace of mindój. In the future, it is expected that more than 90% of applications will be completely independent from carrying a phone. This is a useful róThe AdBlock service is also available if you want to use the devices available on the róI fully support this. For example, people whoóre they own Apple-branded products, they will be able to use the watch on Android without any restrictions, which could make it even more popular.

Premium brands are getting in on the act

Each of us associates someóThe most popular brands are Tag Heuer, Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton. These companies in the last year róThey also decided to expand into the smartwatch market. Newer and newer watches with premium logos can be found on the market. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to be any different. The fashion for wearing a watch has never gone away – On the contrary – For the past few years, wearing one has become the norm for anyone who cares about theirój appearance. Will this trend spill over to less exclusive companies, the so called “social media”?. networksóclothing brands – we will find out in the nearest future.

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