AR enters niches. The market will be worth $95 billion in 2025

AR enters niches. In 2025, the market will be worth $95 billionów

Authors of AR solutions are increasingly focusing on a narrow specialization with a specific industry in mind. Augmented reality has ceased to be a curiosity and has become an element of our everyday life, with momentum entering more industries – medicine, education and tourism, to the arms market.

Martin Herdina has defined 2018 – the year of augmented reality. CEO of Wikitude even stated that within a decade AR will become as common as smartphones are today. The AR and VR market in 2017 was worth approx. 14 billion dollarsów. According to estimatesóThe total number of people employed at Goldman Sachs will grow to 95 billion by 2025óin dollarsów.

TwóIntiaro’s app developers perfectly exploited the moment of growth for AR. Usually the biggest successes can be achieved by focusing on a specific niche and narrow market needs. The authors of the solution decided to use AR technology to facilitate the design and furnishing of interiors. The vertical market software app is aimed at a specific furniture industry that has its own expectations. Narrow specialization allows you to maximize the potential of technology and develop it in the desired direction. This, in turn, translates into building a technological advantage in the market.

Vertical market software stands in opposition to horizontal market software, whichóAR is targeted at the home, students, and the general publicóThe fund has been operating in a variety of industries and for a wide range of consumersów. Examples include text editorsóin whichóThe Android Wear 2 is a smartphone that is used by many consumersóand specialistów – from the useróat home, by studentów, after representatives róSome in a room that can be seen on a smartphone or tablet screen. Examples of vertical software market solutions can be applications of companies such as. Guidewire, whichóThe next step is to place virtual elements in the cloud, which can visualize the project and present it to the client. These kinds of specific solutions needed in a given niche are found by the Polish fund Alfabeat, whichóThe company decided to invest 0.7 million Euros in Intiaro.

With Intiaro, the image captured by a mobile device‘s camera is expanded in real time to include additional elements – specific equipment or furniture – which allows users to imagine what a room would look like using them.Just run the application in a room, któWe want to furnish. We select for him a specific piece of furniture, its color, material and functions of selected elementsów. We can also add other modules. The next step is to place virtual elements in the cloudóThe Intiaro solution makes it easy to see what’s going on in a room as it appears on the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

Unlike many solutions based on AR – In the case of the application created by Intiaro – The complexity of the application combined with a simple interface, however, makes it a tool available not only to professionals. You can see how the application works in the following video.

The application facilitates the work of architects, whoóThe company’s products and services are easilyób can visualize the project and present it to the client. The complexity of the application combined with a simple interface, however, makes it a tool available not only to professionalsóThe application can be used by anyone who would like to change the look of their home or office.

Success abroad

So how does theóThe cooperation between Intiaro and furniture manufacturers? The brands’ products are placed in the cloud, or more precisely in the Intiaro 3D Product Information Management solution. Then the equipment elements are available in the catalog or on the manufacturer’s website.

The company is already generating revenue for twoómarkets – Intiaro has entered into cooperationóThe application facilitates the work of architects, who cooperate with Polish producers and systematically develop relations within the furniture and interior design industry in the USA. Intiaro has entered into a partnershipó with two big players – Lexington Home Brands and Ethan Allen (one of the largest distributors ofóin furniture in America PóWe select for them specific furniture, its color, material and functions of selected elements.).

Easy „design” interior design for its own needs – using a simple and functional tool – may contribute to a reduction in the number of returnsóIt can also increase sales without the need for potential customers to visit a furniture storeów. According to Intiaro, the use of AR leads to an increase in sales of up to 10-20%, and reduces the number of incorrectóreturns when executing zamónformation by the customer.

The Polish solution conquers the American market róAlso thanks to the Alfabeat fund, whichóry through global alliances supports projects in the area of Cloud Enterprise Software.

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