AMP is the new fuel of mobile

AMP is the new fuel of mobile

It has just been a month since the official announcement that AMP sites are available in Google search results. From this day forward, mobile users – This only applies to them – (They may notice a small characteristic symbol on the „AMP” on the search results of someór to non-AMP sites. Those, whoóthat meet the AMP criteria. What is this AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? This wayób creating fast rendering web pages for static content. AMP consists of three parts: the relevant HTML code, a special Java Script (JS) library and the Google AMP Cache.

Okay, but so what?

It is worth to feel the róand click on the web site version „new and fast” search engine: Google employees’The online marketers are not hiding their excitement resulting from the implementation of the new solution. Officially, whether a website meets the AMP conditions does not affect the position in the results – not yet today. But you have to remember that the average time needed to load an AMP page from Google Search is less than one second! It is also not about „only” by speed, but AMP will róWe should also save on data packets. On AMP pages you load 10 times less data against non-AMPP sites. So it’s worth reaching into your Google Analytics as soon as possible and checking mobile page load times.

Do these numbers matter and what do they mean??

Loading time is one of the fundamental indicatorsóin whichóso far had no influence on page positioning. Google’s promotion of AMP is no coincidence, and experts are already assuming that mobile page load time will have an impact on search engine ranking. Now that more and more websites are announcing that they have exceeded the magic 50% barrier. enter from the level of mobile devices, it is in mobile’The battle for the most important indicator on the Internet will be heated – conversion .

Time is money

In mobile, this phrase takes on a real meaning. According to Soast’s research, speeding up a mobile site by just one second, increases conversion rates by tens of percent!

As you can see below, pages with load times between 1.8 and 3 seconds have very high CTRs of close to 2 percent. This means that for every 1000 visits we should „fast” mobile traffic, we get 2 zamóNEWS. In case of „free” loading time we can only count on „pół” zamóVisit – is ródifference. In addition – in this study „big” The website version had a conversion rate of 2-3 percent.

Load time has an even greater impact on the rejection rate. As you can see, after crossing the 2.4 second mark, this indicator increases dramatically – meaning thousands of customersóThe Polish m-commerce market is still 15 times smaller than the German marketówho resign from further visit on our mobile website.

After passing the 5 second mark for load time – mobile service indicators are at a very weak level.


Where to start?

Google has released a good new tool to test our pages for AMP compatibility. The tool checks the HTML tags of the specified page – accurately identifying errors and necessary changes.


In addition, it is worth adding that for some time now Google Search Console contains information about the indexing of pages, including those AMP. And it is worth róWe do not approve of the installation of beaconsóAlso from Google, to check the compatibility of a website with mobile.

The AMP test is difficult – many servicesóin mobile, whichóre atóI have been testing it e.g. doesn’t pass the test. This test has not been passedóAlso websites running on WordPress, whichóre for several days I have been trying hard to move into the world of AMP. I would like to add that despite the mistakeóIn the case of AMP and lack of fulfillment of conditionsóin the test, they are indexed and generate mobile traffic. But still, bugs remain, despite the information that the WordPress platform fully supports AMP…

From the experience of other webmastersóin whichóAs AMP testers share their results (data is still scarce / I didn’t get to it), you can see that when AMP is implemented, traffic increases significantly. So there is something to fight for.


Summary: AMP has momentarily become the number one topic for the SEO industry for 2017. For smartphonesów will mean a sudden acceleration of – what internet users expect.

In this context, however, it is worth focusing on the key parameters for mobile that become important with the launch of AMP: loading time and mobile site optimization.

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