Beacon what turns us on, what excites us. Some inspiring cases

Beacon – what turns us on, what excites us. Some inspiring cases’ów

We carefully follow industry portals and all technological novelties. We wonder if it would also work for us? We try to draw inspiration from great foreign cases’ów.


Global cultural institutions successfully use modern technologies to enhance their offerings. Observing foreign implementations one can come to a conclusion that a museum guide is a professionód on the verge of extinction. At the Rubens House (video below), the app wspóWorking with beacons not only „tours” after the exhibition, but also introduces an element of gamification to the tour. Like the Eureka Mission at the Philips Museum.

Cities, games in the city

Specificólarly we are interested in going out with beacons into the urban space. One of the trendsóThe second one is entertainment, e.g. outdoor games. We like the gamification of everyday urban activities. One exampleów is Tiny Tycoons, a combination of economic game and urban entertainment.

A slightly more naughty implementation – theft application: PKPKT. Fortunately, you can only steal virtually. As they write twórcy: is there anything more exciting than stealing? We don’t necessarily agree, but the app is certainly worth your attention.

From the category of naughty implementations, we’re also inspired by Titan’s hidden beacons in New York, a guerrilla network detected by an editoróat BuzzFeed. We do not approve of installing beaconsóThe project has been launched in spite of the city authorities, but the scale of the project gives food for thought. Besides, we like grassroots urban movements and their experiments with technology.

On the particularóRotterdam deserves special attention – first city, które installed beacon networkóin and invited the developeróin the preparation of their applications using beacons. Worthy of imitation!

BeaconCrawl, yet another application for urban gaming – this time of night entertainment.

On the Polish scene there is an excellent and constantly inspiring Everytap – light, pleasant and attractive loyalty program, adding to the usual functionality what we always look for – fun. Beacons in Everytap are used not only to locate the user, but also to quickly and conveniently confirm the points chargedów.

As practically as possible

Beacons work great where you need to use navigation or find something. There’s room here for airports, festival spaces, but rótunities, also for museumsów. One of the examplesów is a beach app for a parentófrom Nivea. A real problem, a great advertising campaign and a great use of beacon radar.

Another solution – TrackR. Beacons as an add-on to help find lost items. Noteworthy because of the social character of the solution – Your lost item is what all app owners are looking for. Beluvv, on the other hand, is based on a similar concept, but positions the solution as an app for childcare and pet control.

If it’s possible to reduce the stress before a tripóIt is important to do so. Airlines using beacons for airport navigation know this: Virgin, EasyJet, Japan Airlines, American Airlines.

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