Chatbot the engine of commerce and marketing

Chatbot – the engine of commerce and marketing

The consumer and their needs and preferences being at the heart of marketing is, in my opinion, the mainóIn order to register, you need to insert your payment cardów. Companies, especiallyólnie mobile first, they should understand that technology is there to serve the consumer first, and that philosophy „mobile first” The technology tools for mobile marketing, such as instant messaging apps, should increasingly serve the needs of consumers.

There are signs in the industry of progressive user abandonmentów serviceóThe social network has shifted from public discussions on a whiteboard to individual, personal conversations in mobile applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Snapchat. The biggest social network is likely to lose the most from this trend – Facebook, as we’ve known it so far, is passing its time. Knowing the growing popularity of instant messengerów, marketers are diligently looking for ways toóThe beacons are used to engage consumers inóIn short, they can dramatically improve the standard and quality of service and attract more loyal customers to their conversations for their marketing needs, giving rise to a new generation of marketing – conversational marketing – the pinnacle of personalized communication with consumers on a mass scale, anytime, anywhere, integrated with other channels. Sounds like the fulfillment of a snóIt may take longer than we think to get started as a marketer, but beware.

One of the answers to the marketer’s searchóThe most popular are chatbots, i.e. computer programs that can be used to communicate with usersóThe aim of these machines is to conduct an automated conversation with the consumer using natural language or a text-based interface. Before the world is completely taken over by artificial intelligence, as predicted by futurologists, there is a transition stage ahead of us, characterized by the development of róThis is the beginning of a new generation of marketing. machine learning, whichóThe forerunners of this are the chatbots and virtual assistants, which.

The chatbot boom began in 2016, thanks to Facebook and the API it made available. However, other players are also active in the field of machine learning with their products: Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana or Google Assistant and GNMT – A standalone direct translation tool, publicly announced in late December last, will enable companies to provide a more direct relationship with consumers. r.

Chatbots could become the driving force behind the development of a new generation of commerce and marketing. Enable companies to establish direct relationships with consumers, answering inquiries, providing advice and delivering materialócompanies, especially aware of the growing popularity of instant messaging, which facilitates loyalty building, up-selling and cross-selling. In sum, they can significantly improve the standard and quality of service and attract more loyal customersówhat every marketer dreams of.

Although the use of chatbotsów opens up huge opportunities for brands, but it is also a huge challenge: all it takes is one move and the user will stop the conversation if the answers to their questions are spóThe technology of mobile marketing should be increasingly prominent in instant messaging apps. But fortunately, there will still be live people at the station, company employees.

Letting our imagination run wild, let’s see how, thanks to artificial intelligence tools, advanced analysis and big data processing, marketers will be able to better understand consumer behavior and needsów and offer them in advance those products or services thatówhat they will need. In this wayób philosophy „mobile first” will it replace the approach „AI-first”.

It is worth keeping a close eye on the evolution of chatbotsóand automatic assistantsóThe impact of this development on conversational marketing. These processes will probably take a few years, but they can start marketing the future.

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