AI will allow to identify a dog by its… nose

AI will identify a dog by its… nasie

Megvii, a Chinese AI startup thatóry provides the government of the Middle Kingdom with its famous facial recognition technology, expands to dog muzzle recognitionów. A new solution developed by Megavii allows you to recognize dogs by their nose, whichóThe fact that a fingerprint is as unique to these animals as fingerprints are to humans.

With the Megavia application you can register your dog simply by taking a picture of his nose. Just like with fingerprint scanningóin the finger on the phone, the application asks for a few shots of the dog’s nose under the rówith different accounts. Megavii declares that the solution achieves 95% efficiency and has already helped 15 thousand owners find their pet (or dogs find their lost owners ;)).

Similar implementations are already appearing in the world for several years. AI animal recognition is being used to protect endangered speciesósuch as. to help protect them from poachers. In this wayóSeveral species are already being protectedóin the birdóIn a store you simply put your phone to a payment terminal (e.g. Apple Pay will be available in Poland from tomorrow)óthat is unique to these animalsór pasóon the furry.

In the United States there is also Finding Rover application, whichóra also helps identify lost dogs and cats. The software poróIt knows 138 features of a pet’s snout, with a database of missing pets with an accuracy of 98% correct matches.

Megavii in China will be used not only to helpóc missing dogs, but róalso to find recalcitrant pet ownersóin whichóThe Apple Pay service will be unlocked in Poland tomorrow to make it easier to protect birds from poachers who do not clean up after their pets or let them out without a leash in public places.

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