Amazon One enables payments with the palm of your hand

Amazon One enables payments with the palm of your hand

Amazon is introducing an innovative way toób contactless payments – Amazon One, whichóry scans your palm to authenticate payment transactions. In the future, the technology can be used for any kind of identity authentication, e.g. to enter the stadium or to verify the loyalty card. For starters, Amazon is rolling out the solution in select Amazon Go stationary stores – places a palm reader at store checkouts.

Using Amazon One is simple. In order to register, you need to insert your payment card into the reader and scan your palm print. Amazon emphasizes that there is no dwóch same imprintóin the palm of your hand, just like an imprintóThe new solution is fully secure and at the same time – in the poreóIn combination with face scan – guarantees more privacy.

SpóThe company makes sure your biometric data is secure, including protecting your Amazon One with a number of security features. The palm scan is not stored on the device – is encrypted and sent to the Amazon cloud, where a hand signature is created. Customers will be able to delete their data at any time.

In recent months, companies have been outdoing themselves in introducing innovative payment solutions. From paying with a chip hidden in a shirt clip through confirming transactions with a facial scan to payments via instant messenger. In the case of Amazon One, the big convenience is that you don’t have to create an account with Amazon – All you need is a credit card and a mobile phone numberórkowe. Besides, looking at the growing popularity of BLIK in Poland, you can see that the trend of moving away from wallets or plastic cards has long begun. Thanks to technology, identification is much easier and even our body can be the only one with an IDóThe dark theme should be able to be used when you are connected to.

What’s more, customers whoóThose who already use an Amazon One account will be able to log in to the site and manage their data, as well as track their transaction history.

The tech giant plans to introduce Amazon One as one of the payment options in more Amazon stores in the coming months. SpóThe company wants to offer this solution to other entities as well, such as retail stores, stadiums and office buildings.

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