Can mobile work for a good cause?

Can mobile be used for a good cause??

Operations on mobile devices are often identified with profitable, commercial investments, but hardly anyone knows that they are perfectly suited for róAlso during charity and social actions. I subjectively selected the most interesting projects of 2015, whichóThe application can either directly contribute to improving the quality of people’s lives or encourage selfless help to those in need.

Tackling the effects of Alzheimer’s disease

South Korea’s Samsung Group has created Backup Memory for Alzheimer’s sufferers. Its mainóone feature is that the sick smartphone user is notified in real time about the degree of relationship or acquaintance with the person approaching him/her via automatic notifications. On the screen they appear inóphotos and captions with a description of the relationship, so the problem of face identification in Alzheimer’s patients is solved. The app allows for constant stimulation of memories, continuous exposure to the past, która can opóto address the memory loss of those suffering from this difficult condition.

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

International mobile phone operatoróVodafone has decided to „make a contribution” in the fight against domestic violence in Turkey. In 2015, the company enabled discriminated women to get help through its smartphone. Software has been developed thatóThe feature allows the victim to secretly send messages to the next three peopleób with a request for help and information about its exact location. All aspects have been planned with special attention toóThe app looks like a simple mobile flashlight, and it was promoted through a very sophisticated marketing effort, which was not only a good idea, but also a very good oneóThe goal of the program was to address the problem of how to make interpersonal relationships work for people who suffer from this difficult condition. The campaign has achieved spectacular results – so far 254 thousand women have benefited from the solution, and the program has been activated more than a hundred thousand times.

Fight against hunger

Fitbit, the Fitbit brand that supplies athletes withów mobile gadgets and solutions, decided to get involved in activities supporting the bank networkóin food Feeding America. The campaign to collectórk of money to feed the needy has been called Fit for Food. Useróin the Fitbit app, która enables fitness monitoring, encourages active leisure. The number of calories thatóre burned „mobile” Athletes, which translated into the amount of fundsóhe financial resources donated by software owners to charity. The effects of the campaign exceeded expectations: more than a hundred thousand people got involved in the action and managed to fund the póone and a half million mealsów.

Support for children with autism

Samsung zwróThe program’s focus on the problem of establishing interpersonal relationships in people withób autism patients. The company has designed the Look At Me application with an interactive camera function thatórej children with autism disorder can learn to make eye contact with loved ones and read facial expressions on their faces. A very smart move twórcóIn the program, the goal was to design a solution in such a wayób to make it look like a game. Such an adaptation of the project to the needs of the youngest, whoóThe campaign has exceeded expectationsóas important as the scientific basis for the creation of this software.

Wildlife conservation

WWF in Russia róalso decided to use the potential of the mobile channel in charity actions. In order to raise funds for tiger conservationóThe Tiger Challenge, an athletic challenge in which men and women are given the opportunity to compete against each other, was createdóThe event was a chance for runners to compete with big kittens. Daredevils whoówho decided to run in competition and were slower than the tiger, had to make a donation of 5 dollarsów for the WWF campaign.

The projects I have mentioned above can serve as an inspiration for theóBoth for non-profit organisations and for the systemóin commercial, whichórc care about their reputation, offering solutions that offer new added value for their target groups of consumersów. It is worth remembering that mobile technologies have been used to serve their users from the very beginningóThe number of Facebook users is growing, and social campaigns are increasingly taking on new forms „mobile” view.

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